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We have a strict policy for last-minute cancellation and rescheduling that occurs within 48 hours of the service appointment time frame. Our team works incredibly hard to ensure each client is taken care of. This requires careful planning days ahead of time, and last-minute cancellation or rescheduling negatively impacts our cleaners and business. In an effort to maintain the highest quality service, you will be charged a small fee for last-minute cancellations/rescheduling:

We will charge a fee of 20% of the total service cost when you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled service appointment.

We will charge a fee of 10% of the total service cost when you cancel within 48 hours of the originally scheduled service appointment.

Visit our Service Policies page for more information.

This is our most frequently asked question! But, unfortunately, there’s no set time limit because each cleaning is different and depends on several factors. We like to take our time and pride ourselves on the quality of our work – so while we would like to give you a baseline average number, we don’t want to be held to that. But for comparison, deep cleaning a 3 bedroom and 2 bath home may take 5-6 hours.

We want our work to speak for itself, but if you find us still scrubbing baseboards at 10pm, don’t hesitate to ask us to leave. We will gladly return to finish the job!

We work off of 2-hour estimated time of arrival windows so that we can structure our day effectively and allow for time to finish up with previous clients, navigate traffic, provide breaks, and many other variables that may effect our schedule.

If you book a cleaning appointment with an 8-10am time window, our team will be there some time between 8-10am and will email/text you with their estimated time of arrival.

Please contact us if you encounter any problems or have questions – 854-600-4747  |

Great question…Yes we are!

All of our cleaners have at least 2 years of experience, and most have an average of 10 years of experience. Each cleaner is carefully vetted and must past our strict cleaning test. We are proud to say that our cleaners are the best of the best in the area!

We try to pack as much value as possible in our cleanings…we love our clients and want to make sure your needs are taken care of!

Heavy duty deep cleanings include all exposed surfaces (tables, chairs, faucets, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, floors, etc.), interior of cabinets, baseboards, spot cleaning of walls, interior windows, window frames, window sills, blinds (8ft tall maximum), air vents, ceiling fans, doors, doorknobs, handles, light switches, outlet covers, exterior and interior of all appliances, garage sweep, deep scrubbing of bathroom(s), and more!

Add-ons include kitchen cabinet organization, pet cleanup, extra rooms (theaters, laundry rooms, game rooms, gym, offices, etc.), laundry (up to 5 loads), dishes, and interior of window sills.

For more information, please visit our Deep Cleaning Checklist page!

Yes, we include the baseboards in our heavy duty deep cleaning service. Our cleaners take special care to hand clean the baseboards around the home and get every nook and cranny.

No, we do not offer carpet cleaning at this time.

Yes! We offer discounts for cleanings that reoccur on a bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly, or bi-annual basis!

We also offer discounts for 3-month, 6-month, and yearly contracts, and for bundling multiple properties.

As always, check your email and our website for the latest coupon discounts!

Contact us for more details…854-600-4747  |

Yes we do! Whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

854-600-4747  |

We have an AMAZING redo policy! If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll come back and redo any missed spots/areas free of charge! Or, if you’d rather, we’ll refund a portion of what you paid for our service. It’s up to you!

Text, call, or email us and we will make it right! 854-600-4747  |

Visit our Service Policies page for more information.